This is what some of the people I've worked with over the years are saying about me and my work for them. Get in touch to day to see what tailored services I can offer for your radio stations and teams


"John Simons: He’s the Picasso of radio. John understands that to produce the best, you             have to pay attention to the smallest detail. If you want radio that produces results and delivers audiences you can sell, John Simons has spent three decades doing just that. A creative individual who understands the value of teamwork."

                                                       John Myers
                                                          Media Advisor

"John is a pro – when he is coaching BBC partners he talks from the experience of having lead some of the UK’s best and most popular stations – and they respect that.

He delivers training in an environment that can be diluted with development-speak.  But John talks business …. The business of running a radio station, of great content that wins audiences, of managing talent and standing out in a crowded market.  

 The proof:  I recently visited a station in Palestine whose manager had been on one of Johns courses.  He had implemented every bit of advice that John gave him, won a big new advertising deal – and had turned its fortunes around. 

Jackie Chambers
Partnership Development Manager
BBC World Service
"John’s extensive experience in the radio industry, combined with his entertaining presenting style have enabled him to deliver successful training events for BBC partners in Jordan, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Uganda. John’s presentations and workshops have received consistently positive feedback from our African partner radio stations."
Flora Carmichael
Partnership Development Executive
BBC World Service

“ When I’ve worked with John I’ve found his experience, insight and knowledge       invaluable  in building reach and developing my station sound. He knows how to work with presentersand teams, has a real way with him, ….and he’s always great fun too !”

Kate Squire
Managing Editor BBC Radio Manchester


“I’ve had the privilege to work with John both as a client and as a co-consultant for over a decade. Many consultants only see black and white, John sees grey and understands the most successful brands are built on emotion, not numbers. Bottom line, John’s bright, articulate, experienced and, most of all, fun to work with.”

Ken Benson
P1 Media Group


“When the team behind our flagship daily talk show defected to the same timeslot with a competitor, I needed to establish a replacement team straight away. My first port of call was John Simons and he was on the next flight to Cork. His experience both on and off air along with his no-nonsense approach were invaluable. But John is more than just a consultant…. he gets under the skin of the station. Two years on, our new talk show has consistently retained the No.1 position on mid-morning radio in Cork.”

                                                                Kieran McGeary
                                                     CEO/PD Cork’s 96FM & C103

"John came to Jordan for presenter training and just had a way of making us feel confidant about our abilities while at the same time helping us realize how to improve our on air weaknesses. He helped all the presenters as a group and then took that experience further with one on one training. John really helped us to go to the next level and beyond with the plans he put in place for each of us, and with the support after he left, stay there with after training support.”

Rob Stevens
Station Manager
Spin 94.1 Jordan


“We at Radio Mango had the greatest pleasure of working with John. His vast experience and exposure to radio across continents has helped our programming team to raise the bar. His hands on approach to programming was great appreciated and our on air talents have benefitted hugely from it. He is extremely comfortable working with different formats and languages with a intuitive understanding of different cultures."

Ravi Nair
Director Programmes at Radio Mango Cochin Area, India


John's relaxed, yet focussed, style was of great value to our programming. Not a 'once size fits all' approach, but still able to convey what good radio should be about. Our team clearly benefited. 

Amit Mathew
Resident Editor & Director of ‘Malayala Manorama Group'



John came out to Jordan and ran a course with our presentation team that helped them focus on what made good on air content.The visit immediately generated positive results on air and helped to motivate and reinvigorate our presenters. He also took time to guide our sales and marketing department. This gave them a fresh perspective on how programme features can really work for clients and the station. All in all it was a very fruitful visit which helped in re-focusing and updating the sound of our two radio stations.

Lee Moulsdale
Station Manager
Mood 92 & Beat FM - Jordan


John Simons has been our content consultant at The Arabian Radio Network for the past 12 months. He has had immediate effect on the content creative direction of our brands which has seen ARN further confirm its leadership position in The UAE market. He has a style that works very well in a multicultural environment and our talent have really taken to his direction. A wealth of experience has also been very helpful for our senior management and personally John has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to sharing further success here in the Middle East. 

Steve Smith
COO The Arabian Radio Network
Dubai, UAE