Interviewing Kyle and Jackie O from Kiss FM Sydney with Duncan Campbell, Group PD ARN Australia

Interviewing Kyle and Jackie O from Kiss FM Sydney with Duncan Campbell, Group PD ARN Australia

Over the years, I've built up a range of techniques to take stations to market leading positions and get the most out of on-air talent. These are just some of the ways I can enhance your stations.

Introducing Darren Davis, President iHeart Media Networks at Radio Days 2019 in Lausanne

Introducing Darren Davis, President iHeart Media Networks at Radio Days 2019 in Lausanne


Training courses or bootcamps

Having organised and hosted annual Breakfast Show Bootcamps I am now able to offer this service to other organisations at an extremely cost effective level.

I can offer these as either One Day, Two Day or Three Day conferences with sole presentation by myself or with guest speakers from the UK, US and Australia, tailored to your organisations requirements.

So far I have conducted such courses in India and Africa but please do not hesitate to get in touch for a personalised itinerary and quote.


talent coaching

Having been a presenter for many years prior to moving into management, and hosted all the key daytime shows, including Breakfast, I have a unique approach to the way I critique and advise presenters.

I have never met a presenter who likes to do a “snoop” session and therefore you have to try and make the process as painless as possible, whilst driving the show forward.

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management coaching

PD’s get pushed and pulled every-which-way these days into meetings that take them away from the thing that’s supposed to be their main area of responsibility………THE OUTPUT OF THE STATION!

After 20 years of being a PD, we can work together to refine time management, budget control and focus on the most important parts of the job.

The most important thing PD’s can give their presenters is their time – Easy To Say, But Hard To Do!

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Getting stuck on the treadmill of running a station and managing the output can be an all-consuming process, but it’s important to look further ahead than the next 3 months.

Strategy and forward planning are the keys to success in crowded markets and after building a radio group from scratch I know how to build a plan. How to adapt and improvise, how to evaluate the competition, but most importantly HOW TO WIN and KEEP ON WINNING.

If you’re trying to claw your way to get to No 1 or you’re at the top and want to stay there, I will help you win and keep on winning because winning is addictive, and I will help you feed the habit!

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Music Research interpretation

Most radio stations and Groups invest large amounts of money on music research these days, it’s a key part of creating a focussed music image, and there are several good research companies that will conduct excellent auditorium and/or digital music tests to a very high level of accuracy.

Helping to make sure you test the rights songs and then how you play the “Top Testers” once you receive the results is where it can go very wrong.

I can help you make the most of this very expensive resource and help make the music image of the stage laser targeted against the competition.

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Conference Speaker and Facilitator

Having hosted sessions at most of the big European radio conferences and Chaired the UK Radio Academy Festival in Edinburgh, I am always looking for new challenges and like most radio guys, I love talking about radio.

Please feel free to view the videos of my opening session at Radio Days in Milan with Elvis Duran,and,my Top 20 Traits of Great radio Presenters from Next Radio.