How often have you heard this phrase bandied about in Management Meetings and on Training Courses?

This is one of the easiest things for Managers to say to their staff but one of the hardest things to live!

To embrace failure in any organisation is contrary to anyone's natural aspiration to succeed. The natural stance to take pushes people to shy away from failure, and by doing so, adopting the "Play It Safe" position. This is the kiss of death to any company and can only lead to a downward spiral into a lack of creativity and innovation.

So - Don't just say it.........Live It.....Encourage It and Embrace It 

You don't have to celebrate failure but you can embrace it and learn from it.

Contrary to your natural feelings it will drive your business forward 

As Samuel Becket said

Ever Tried? Ever Failed?

No Matter

Try Again

Fail Again - Fail Better!



John Simons