PODCAST: The Worlds Best Contests with Jonathan Lumley and John Simons

From the Cash Call to the Bong Game® to the Real Radio Renegade, Jonathan Lumley from East Coast Radio and Jacaranda FM in South Africa and international radio consultant John Simons from the UK reveal their favourite competition ideas, both as set-piece promotional moments and everyday benchmarks.

In conversation with Earshot’s Steve Martin, they explain how their favourite competition mechanics work, the critical dos and don’ts for any promotion and how data from engaged listeners can help you demonstrate to advertisers the quality of audience you attract. You’ll also discover the 1% rule and why John’s cousin hasn’t been for dinner recently.

If you run competitions, games or sponsored promotions on your station this is a rare opportunity to learn from two of the best, from both sides of the globe.

Courtesy of Earshot With Steve Martin:



John Simons